5 Amazing Sedona Hikes

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful destination for hiking, surrounded by red rock formations and stunning scenery. Here are five of the top hikes to consider when visiting Sedona:

  1. Cathedral Rock Trail: This 1.2-mile hike is challenging but rewarding, offering stunning views of the surrounding red rock formations and a chance to explore the famous Cathedral Rock formation up close.
  2. Devil’s Bridge Trail: This 4.2-mile hike is a popular choice for visitors to Sedona, leading to the impressive Devil’s Bridge natural sandstone arch. The hike is moderate in difficulty, with a few steep sections and a stunning view from the top.
  3. Bell Rock Pathway: This 3.6-mile hike is a great option for hikers of all skill levels, offering breathtaking views of Bell Rock and the surrounding scenery. The trail is well-marked and easy to navigate, making it a great choice for families or those new to hiking.
  4. West Fork Trail: This 7.2-mile hike follows Oak Creek through a scenic canyon, offering views of towering cliffs and lush vegetation. The trail is moderate in difficulty, with several stream crossings and opportunities to see wildlife.
  5. Boynton Canyon Trail: This 6.1-mile hike is a popular choice for visitors to Sedona, offering views of stunning red rock formations and the chance to explore the ruins of ancient Native American dwellings. The trail is moderately challenging, with some steep sections and uneven terrain.